TV Appearances

The Mike Huckabee Show, 700 Club, The Pat Hubert Show, The Mark Daniels Show,
Light Talk with Sam Beman, a cameo appearance on The Carol Burnett Show, and more!

Radio Programs

National Daily Daren Streblow Comedy Hour, John Yoast on WBYN, Dez Childs Show, Ken Jackson Show,
and hosted his own radio program “It’s Time to Laugh with Gordon Douglas”!


America’s Keswick, Sandy Cove Conference Center, Camp Hebron, Blackrock Retreat, Brandywine Summit, and many more!


For years Gordon served as an Master of Ceremonies, adding some comic relief to long conferences.
Now he is sought out as a Keynote speaker.

He has been featured at ALLIANCE for LIFE, CATCH the FIRE in Toronto,
Care-NET and Heartbeat Conferences, Bringing America Back to LIfe,
Focus on the Family, and many more.